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Sewage Cleanup in Las Vegas

Sewage Cleanup




You are bound to face problems with your sewage system at some point in your life and it can be one of the most unpleasant situations you may have to face in your home. Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses.

Flooding caused by sudden rain storms and river floods can result in sewage systems becoming overwhelmed and backing up into residential and commercial properties. Sewage damage is an extremely serious problem, especially when the sewage water leaks inside of your home or business. This water is harmful because it contains fungi and bacteria and can cause severe sickness or discomfort.

If not treated quickly and effectively, sewage will infiltrate the fabric of a building and could weaken it. The contaminated material will smell and create the right conditions for fungal growth. Apart from the risks to human health and the environment, leaving sewage spills will potentially incur increased costs and health implications in the future.

It will require the services of professionals, like us at Dry Vegas, for the clean up. If you attempt the task on your own, you run the risk of cross contaminating your entire home and possibly further afield. There are some very nasty, often life threatening organisms that thrive in sewage system. Ranging from the salmonella species, which can cause mild gastric poisoning right up to typhoid, enteric viruses such as Hepatitis A, Norwalk and Echoviruses and many many more.

These pathogens are a major health risk to you and your family and so require a serious and professional approach when you need to clean up the sewage.


We, at Dry Vegas, understand the risks and dangers associated with sewage spills and offer an extensive and comprehensive sewage cleanup service.

In the event of a property being flooded by sewage, we can be onsite within several hours. We pride ourselves in our caring approach to these distressing, messy and often very disruptive events. What we can offer you:

  • 24/7 call center operatives, both knowledgeable and sympathetic, will listen to your problem, analyze it and give free advice with no obligation
  • Our highly experienced and well equipped personnel will deal with your problem in a speedy and efficient manner  
  • We use only the highest quality and most effective detergents and disinfectants available to the industry
  • We wear protective clothing to prevent cross contamination and use industry leading tools for the job


Our techniques have been honed with experience and we will return your home to the cleanliness and safety you deserve. We at Dry Vegas believe passionately in customer service and delivery, let us help you with you sewage clean up to make it as unstressful as possible.

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